• Diane Reardon Lashua

    Diane Reardon Lashua

  • kerry memole

    kerry memole

  • Hector Martinez

    Hector Martinez

  • MindMixer


    Building better communities by involving people in things they care about. Join | Contribute | Collaborate | Connect | community@mindmixer.com #mixthat

  • Khris Ortiz

    Khris Ortiz

  • Homa Mojtabai

    Homa Mojtabai

    I have a public sector heart and private sector brain. Policy & biz dev @CityGrows, writerly stuff at homagod.com. Once & future public servant.

  • Doctorfingertips


    Guitarist . Singer . Songwriter . Entertainer . Jingle writer . Traveler . God-fearing, freedom-loving, truth-seeking, optimistic, fun-loving family man.

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